Fun in the Sun

Jordan decided to take advantage of the low airfares and escape the cold weather of the Great NW for a visit to Sunny Hawaii.
With the cold front passing through last night, cold temperatures (68 is cold for us) and rain... I wasn't expecting much action today.
Then within 5 minutes, Jordan caught this little guy...

This is one of several nice blue gill we caught.

The Red Devils were "out and about" putting a nice bend in the rods.

The purple "Cap Spider" was the fly of choice.

A break for lunch at Kemoo Farm... The Lake Side Pub.
Fish & Chips (lightly battered mahimahi and great frys)

The "All American Cheese Burger" and onion rings... Sooooo Good!

Leaving Kemoo, we spotted schooling fish across from Blue Boat Pt..... Jordan tagged into one with a popping bug.

Surprise, it's a 2 pound Largemouth Bass.

My flyrod was tangled when the fish started busting right beside the boat so I grabbed a spinning rod... this 2 1/2 pound peacock hit the Senko right beside the boat... just as I was lifting the lure out of the water to make the next cast... SPLASH!

Great ending to super day... another RD for Jordan...
I have no idea... it's just one of the many "tropical fish" that people dumped into the streams and lake when they got tired of their fish tank. They average 1/2 to 1 pound in size. You just move along the shore and spot them in the shallow water. Some times they will attack any fly or lure within 3 feet... fight over it. Other times they scatter like scared rabbits.
Then there are the days you can bonk them on the head and they ignore you.
That was a tonne of fun! Is it wrong that I live in Canada and that my first ever bass was a Peacock? Nope! The next time anyone from the Best Coast is in Hawai'i, I highly suggest getting in at least one day up on the lake- you never know what you might catch!
The food too during the lunch break was incredibly good, and it was cheap! Ono grinds that brok da mout!


the Menehune stole my beer
Sweet day. What species is the red devil?
Red Devils are a Central American cichlid species, endemic to Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua. I used to keep a couple in the 100 gallon tank I had when I was in high school. They had some epic battles with my Jack Dempseys and Oscars. Lake Wilson is a real melting pot of dumped and habituated aquarium fish as Stan points out, including snakeheads, Oscars, jeweled cichlids and many other species. Peacock Bass and largemouths were introduced to keep the tropicals from overpopulating the lake with a bunch of stunted midget fish.

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