Car rentals in Forks


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Kenmore air flies from Boeing field to port Angeles for $95. I was considering that as an alternative to driving but it really doesn't save you much time.

Can't find anyone who flies into the forks airport.


there is a blue fj rental if it knows ahead of time when your desperate ass is over there....charges are that pizza place in forks....

I remember visiting the OP in the early nineties. It was obviously pre twilight crap. PRE....most everything. I was trying to fill our rental and someone was nice enough to stop me from filling it with regular gas. That was regular leaded!


Ed Call

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Pan, transation:

Goofy is willing to drive you around in an FJ Cruiser, blue in color, so long as you scheudle with him in advance when you will be there. That will allow Goofy to be in the right geographic location to connect with you after departing the jMillstall guy interstate shuttle service. You picking up what is being put down? You sort of have the pizza part figured out.


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That Pacific Pizza or whatever it's called, is the worst pizza I've ever eaten. Maybe it's improved, but I haven't been back in years. The Mexican and Chinese restaurants have good food.