redington cpx 8113?

Anyone out there using one? Need to pick up a switch for swinging flies wondering if anyone has any experience with one? What lines used, tips thrown, pros/cons etc. Thanks
I had one for a bit before I traded it for the 7wt version. Sweet rod with a 480-510 skagit switch on it. Handled 10-12 feet of t-14 easy. They are really nice rods for the price, I fish the hell out of my 7wt and it's held up well.
I have the 7113-4 and I like it a lot. I find it can be a canon which is what I like for my applications (beaches). I can't say how they are on the rivers, but if you want a nice rod that can shoot a line for not too high a price- you'll like this one.


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I too have a 7 wt CPX 113. I've use it for steelhead on the Eastside and on creeks and smaller rivers on the OP, and I am VERY pleased with it. The workmanship, price and performance worked for me. I currently use a 385 gr Scandi with a 31 ft head. I haven't a need to dial-in the sink tip beyond a 9 ft type III (yet), but it clearly won't throw as big a tip or heavy a fly as my Sage VPS 9 wt 14' (my only other point of reference). That said, I'd venture to guess you'd go farther and deeper with with a heavier set up on the 8 wt if you needed it.


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If it does not have to be a Redington CPX, check out the TFO Deer Creek 8wt switch for sale by Steve Saville in the classifieds. I know first hand what that rod can throw, anything you need up to a chunk of chain for sink tip and flies as big as I've seen you fish.
The Deer Creek was originally my first choice (I'm a TFO fan for life...) to be honest, but I was offered a CPX at a great price that I just couldn't refuse.
They both are great rods so yes, if it doesn't have to be the CPX, I would defs take a TFO DC out for a test ride if your shop can set that up...
I want something with a little more guts than the DC I've heard people compare the cpx spey rods to sage tcx which piques my curiosity about the switch. Short skagits and T tips is what I'm looking to fish. Thanks guys.


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I have CPX 7129 for a while... great rod, very different than DC Spey series (regressive bend, sling shot feel). The CPX cast very similar to TCX. Just a bit stiffer in the but section than TCX, thus, you might feel a bit "dead spot" when you really drive the rod hard. TCX is apparently lighter feel and more sensitive... more smooth bend than CPX.

I have cast the CPX switch rod, but be honest with you, I was not impressed by the CPX switch series. (same disappointment come to the DC switch series also). If I only can fish one graphite rod, that would be DC 13' 6/7. Amazingly good among all leagues.(I know you are looking for switch, but this rod feel as light as a switch rod...) Of course this is just my opinion.
i cant speak to that rod, but my cpx 6126 is a fun rod and it looks good to boot. being in WA, u cant really beat the customer service. when i broke mine I had a new rod in hand the next day no questions asked.