Question: Can a spey line be used on a switch rod?

Just a quick Spey-Newbie question: If you own a switch rod but don't plan on single-handing it, can a spey line be used?

I know a switch rod is called so because you can single and double hand it, but like stated earlier, if I only planned on double handing, would a spey line work or would I stil NEED to have a designated switch line?
A switch rod is a spey rod of a slightly shorter length, and for some reason, a different name. I've thrown everything from Skagit shorts to Deltas with switch rods.

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The term switch rod comes from the ability to use it in either a long single handed capacity or a short two handed capacity.... Short answer is yes.
Hi, yeah you can no problem. But some switch rods have single handed grain weighted ie Guideline and some of Loops switches. Sage are rated as a true double hander.


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Nope. Your rod will catch on fire. Joking. The best way to look at it is the longer the belly of the spey line you are casting, the more advantagious it is to have a longer rod. For example, most long belly guys like long rods. "Switch" specific scandi/skagit heads are short, becuase switch rods are pretty short. Both Rio and Airflo make solid skagit and scandi lines specifically for switch rods. Check out the spey line compatability chart on the Airflo site. Pretty fool proof.

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