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MUSKIE. I have recently moved due to the fact that I am tired of straight crushing chrome steelhead.. it was really getting too easy. Anyway, I find myself in the Midwest
again, on a lake that has a surplus of large muskellunge. Ive got the gear and the boat, and need some proven Flies. Links, pics, whatever, I can wrap a decent bug so ive got most materials. Ice out is in the near future and I'm trying to gear up for tossing the 10wt and beating down on some freshwater barracuda. Any help is appreciated... also, if you have some dope ass flies,, we could work out a trade.. steelhead swinging bugs for muskie baits.

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Used to do quite a bit of Muskie and pike fishing with hard tackle when I lived in the midwest.

have caught a lot of pike on fly and some muskie. I think the key to Muskie and big pike is to understand their preferred structure, prey first. Learn how to read lake structure, preferred types of weed beds, finding ambush points etc.

Will post a few links with some good Muskie info first. Then dig up a few fly patterns that have worked for me.

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Half and half's, Dahlberg divers.

I have an old college friend who fishes them a lot. Any big baitfish patern. Our flies were 7 or so inches long. Dark on the top, white everwhere else. He also tied a perch fly, Green and yellow. I don't think they are picky. Topwater strikes w/ dahlbergs were pretty damn cool.

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