Nervous about Dry Falls

Paul Huffman

Driven by irrational exuberance.
I know everyone else seems to love Dry Falls Lake, but I just can't get comfortable there. I'm jumpy and irritable, and can't wait to get back out of that hole and back home. I mean, what if all that water came back on? It would be just my luck.

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that would be a great way to die though.

Beer in hand (and to steal a phrase from tighline) and rod taco'ed on a huge brown.

You look up the cliff to see a huge rush of pure columbia river coming to take you with it.....


The dumb kid

it does not take a 14 lb bow ( im looking at you shawn) to taco a rod, just a rod matched to the fish. 9'5wt, forget that, thats no trout rod, its a steelhead stick. give me a 0-3 wt!

hell yeah bro.. I was talking about that very thing during the fling.... What a great way to go! Perfect chance to try your "stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye cast".


You have a millions (billions?) to one higher chance of being done in by a Tsunami while surf fishing near Moclips! Makes me nervous every time I get near the coast.

o mykiss

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I wouldn't worry about it unless Lake Missoula makes a reappearance, and you'll have plenty of warning for that (i.e., a several thousand year ice age).

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
No shiite! Living here a stone's throw from the beach, I'm worried all the time, nervous and jumpy as dingo in a cage. Can't sleep at night...looking older than my years...thinkin' about moving to higher ground. I'm a wreck! Contemplating mooring my old kayak to the chimney on my garage roof, stocked with a survival kit, old wetsuit, canned food, etc. just in case, with a ladder permanently bolted to the eaves, so it's there when I need it. When the big one hits, its gonna be "surf's up!"
The question is "when" not "if."
Condos on the beach are definitely not a wise investment! Don't move here, if you want peace of mind! This is no joke! You want to be a couple hundred feet above sea level just to be safe!

And on the other front, there's the huge pressure buildup under Yellowstone. And the rotting ice on Mt. Rainier portending cataclysmic mudslides....WHERE DO YA GO????

Jimbo, the living in constant dread of the Big One, chucking work, partying, and fishing like there is no tomorrow.

I worry more about a deer joining me in the front seat via my windshield more than I would ever worry about being at Dry Falls....
I do think the odds of getting in an accident on the way there are much greater than the chance that the waterfalls will come back to life.... and driving is a risk we all take every day.
I have tried to imagine what it would look like if the Falls were active, what a beautiful sight that would be.

LB ;)

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You'd hear the water coming for a long time before it got there, probably long enough to figure out what it was, or at least that you were now living in a universe of destruction. The initial slug of the flood will push a 50-mph wind, which will arrive several minutes before the slurry of water, ice, and debris, to which latter category you will soon belong.

Down at the bottom of the hole, you may be sheltered from the wind, if not the approaching roar. Your last few minutes could be spent watching trout rising deliberately but gently to emerging midges. You might make a cast.

Paul Huffman

Driven by irrational exuberance.
I don't live in Moclips any more, but I was there for the last tsunami warning. When was that, early 90s? I was a bohemian bachelor at the time. I took a run through the house, selecting the few items that were most important to me. That turned out to be my rods and my guitar. I threw my surf board on top of the jeep in case I didn't make it, and drove to higher ground.

But that's not why I left Moclips. I read a statistic that 85% of serious accidents happen at home. So I moved.

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Driven by Irrational Exuberance!