Swap Deep Water Chironomid/What You Like to Hang Deep Under an Indicator Swap


Indi "Ira" Jones
Ok guys I have three guys who say their flies are in the mail as of 2:00 on Saturday and one guy dropping his off Monday morning. See the top of the thread to check the status. I will wait until Wednesday at the latest to recieve flies. After that I'll package what I have up and ship all on Thursday.


Jeff Dodd

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I can deliver Caveman's flies to him once the swap flies are distributed. Maybe just pick up both batches at your front door whenever you're ready.

Well shit mine were returned to me today....two days after pickup!! Had a note saying it was considered a parcel and needed more postage. I turned around and sent them right back out. Hopefully be there by tomorrow.


Indi "Ira" Jones
Chris, I don't think your comment was harsh and my comment about "in the mail" was tounge in cheek so I'm not bugged at all about flies being a bit late. The only rush on this one is my desire to send them all out before a trip I'm taking on Thursday because I'm bringing the flies with me :)

I got yours and Nicks in the mail today!


Indi "Ira" Jones
We are now just waiting on our Canadian brother. The US postal service probably needed to inspect his suspicious looking package very carefully.

Thanks. Look forward to seeing the flies. If you are ever on this side, I would be glad to take you to my "Home Lake" Medical Lake. Great chironomid fishing for some bruiser rainbows.



Indi "Ira" Jones
Well Canadian brother, I'm afraid yours did not make it I time. Now what do we do with the extra flies. I would like to ship these out first thing in the morning, but I'll give you some options first.

1. I give you your flies back
2. I randomly, yet evenly redistribute the left over flies
3. You tell me you are willing to wait a few more days for the last batch
4. You tell me to keep your extra two flies
5. Other

I'll wait until tomorrow morning to hear any responses.

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