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Very nicely tied. You are right, spinner hair for the body on these small hooks is not easy, but you did it superbly. Kudos for doing so.

This fly was very prevalent in my youth on the large rivers in Pennsylvania and on the Upper Delaware between PA and NY and folks used in in sizes from large #8's on down to #18's. It was typically fished in riffles and rock garden water.
westslop cutties love these, and aside from a foam pattern nothing i have found has the same amount of buoyancy in riffles. i dont tie them though, i just buy the cheapos.
:thumb:I'm amazed you managed to trim the body so well. What type of hair did you use? I'll have to give these a go, might try calf hair for its smaller diameter.


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Nicely done!

I love using spun deer hair in my flies whether it is for clipped bodies or heads. Have found that it is much easier on the smaller flies to use fine deer hair fibers. The hair from near the belly of whitetail or blacktails is both shorter and finer than the hairs further up the hide. While not commonly found the hair from dik-dik or mouse deer is fine and is great for small flies whether spun or in wings.

Another trick I sometimes use when tying with dyed hair is to just use the tip half of the hair which tend to be finer than the hair as a whole.

When it comes to clipping the spun hair for bodies I find it easier to once the hair is spun and compacted (jammed tightly) I whip finish in front hair and snip the thread. After tying several bodies I'll clip the body of each while it is out of the vise. I will then finish each fly. NOt only produces better bodies it sems to increases my tying rate.

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