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Jeff Dodd

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Greg sold a camp chef recently in the Classified section and it started a 2-page discussion. This got me thinking to post my new toy on the forum - maybe pick up some pointers from other disc cookers.

I recently, with the help of a friend, turned a plow disc into a cooker. I've had this for a week and used it twice so far. Right after I seasoned the disc I sliced up potatoes and made fries, picture attached.

Next, I grilled steak strips, peppers, onions, mushrooms, etc. and we had fejitas. Very simple but oh so tasty!

Both times I set the disc on my propane crab cooker, but it does have legs I can attach to stand over the fire pit (all-thread legs screw into bolts weleded on the under side)

Any board members have experience with these cookers? I'd love to get ideas from others who may be cooking on them.

I'll be bringing mine camping this spring and looking to impress the kids and wife with new recipes.

Thanks in advance!


Love vintage graphite!
I used to have several plow discs that I had turned into outdoor fire pits, but I never even thought about cooking on them. Seems like a great idea to me!

Jerry Daschofsky

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I've seen a few. Most were made into dutch oven tables. Those are simply powder coated or spray pained with heat resistant paint. But have seen a few "cowboy woks" made out of plows. They welded horseshoes on for handles. With steel you really can't "season" like cast iron. Most you just heat up before you cook and bujrn off any crap you have.

Jeff Dodd

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Yea, I hit it with a wire brush, cleaned it and then heat and oil rubbing it down.

Jerry is right, it does not season like cast iron, but it looked like the steel did take some oil while warm.

Maybe a good idea to really grind the surface to bright, but I have not done that. Should I?
It is heavy enough that it holds heat nicely

David Loy

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Boy, I've been looking for something like that as a base for a Dutch Oven for years. Where could I find one? Don't want a big table as I usually just use one oven, and can stack more if needed. I hate cooking in a wagon rut. Ideas?

Jeff Dodd

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I can get you a disc but it will take a couple months. You may find one before that. These discs are laying around waiting to be scrap I think.

David Loy

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Excellent. Thank you Jeff. One would be great, two even better if possible. A couple months is fine. I have a group camp mid May.
That's super. Thanks again.

Jeff Dodd

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One thing to consider. The disc has a hold in the center. Not sure if that would be a problem for a dutch oven table. The center of my disc has been welded closed, but the disc I don't weld, so the disc(s) I give to you will have holes in the center.

Also, can you provide the diameter of your dutch oven? I want to make sure the disc I get is large enough.

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