Help: st croix. 11' 7

I just picked up a croix 11' 7wt switch at a price I couldn't refuse, so I guess I need to set it up now. After some research on this site and others, there is a lot of different opinions on line wt. Some advice seems to be a few years old so I figured I would ask what you guys think would fit this rod. I would like a spool set up for skagit casting a floating line and one set up with something like rios switch line.
is that a 11 foot , 7 W? Or a 11'7 switch rod and you didnt mention the weight? Not familiar with the Croix at all.

I have a 11'7 Sage TCX Switch. I nymph with the RIO Switch Line. In the summer swinging smaller flies I use the RIO Scandi Short Versitip. In the winter I
use the Airflo Skagit Compact head. 480 g.

I love all of these and personally I think they are perfect for what I'm doing. I would check them out.
I am jealous of your tcx. I have been searching for a used one to buy but it seems like no one gets rid of them. I fixed my post to be more clear. Thanks for the reply
That TCX is pretty solid. I put the Lamson Vanguish Reel on it. It's awesome to fish with! I put it under my bed when I sleep in case the house burns down. I'd have easy access to grab that,the kids and get the hell out of there!!! Oh yeah, should probably grab the wife too!

Best of luck!
I would suggest you try it out for yourself but I have a friend with this rod. I think that the 450 grain Airflo Skagit switch work pretty good on it. I have the same rod in a 8wt. and cast an 510 grain Airflo Skagit switch but I think that the 480 would work well also. Good luck

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