FS WTS: Sage 10150-3 Graphite III GFL Euro Brownie

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I've got a Sage Graphite III GFL 10150-3 (10-weight, 15-foot, 3-piece) spey rod in well used condition. I bought this on the big auction site last year thinking I'd get into the spey game, but other things kept getting in the way and I ended up never even rigging it up to try a few casts, only to make sure that the ferrules fit snugly and the guides were tight.

There are several small scratches and marks on the blank and the cork handle is a little darkened from use, but functionally the rod is fine and will make a great workhorse for someone to chase after big steelhead or salmon. Me, I think I'll stick to my little alpine trout for now. No sock or tube, but the rod will be shipped securely.

Rod is sold.

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someone should jump on this rod... cast 420-540 scandi head with breeze light feel..
take any skagit heads you wish to put on...
it's amazing how those old rods holds up for modern tasks!


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I'm having a hard time not buying it personally...but I don't need another brownie right now. For that kind of money it's almost worth buying just for fun as you could pretty well always get your money back out of it.
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