Cougars? Who's seen one?


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I'm talking about the non Demi Moore variety. I've seen two in the wild (one quite close) and had one follow my tracks in the snow while elk hunting. I'm curious how many people have actually seen one. They are pretty secretive animals and they seem to know you are there long before you know they are. I have been intrigued by big cats since I was a kid and am still fascinated by them. Here's a link to a trail cam pic that showed 8 cougars in one shot in this state. Here is another showing a cougar taking down a bighorn. Since most members of this site spend a lot of time in the outdoors and much of that being pretty remote, it got me thinking it would be interesting to hear whose seen one and how some of those experiences happened.
I saw a Florida panther while driving down a back road once, but never while I was enjoying the outdoors. That'll get your blood pumping up close though, wow.
Ive seen 3. Two out on the Elwah and one on the Nachese. The 2 on the Elwah was over 20 years ago. The one on the Nachese was over 10 years ago


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A friend and I stayed a few nights at one of the boat-in campsites on Chelan a few years ago. We didn't actually see a cat, but the campsite was covered in tracks (lobed main pad, no claw marks) and exploring on the 2nd day I found a chewed-off deer leg at the back of the campsite. Didn't sleep a lot on that trip!

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Several back in Montana, 4 here (2 in the Blues, 2 in the Teanaway; the ones in the Blues were called-in while coyote hunting.). Suffice to say that more cats have seen you & me than we have seen them. Wonder if anyone makes a Demi Moore call?

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One up on the Sammamish Plateau about 15 years ago came through my yard. I had several acres that bordered on thick woods. Also saw a bobcat and several bears as well.


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I’ve seen a Mountain Lion in the Mt. Adams area. It was about 100 yards off crossing a meadow in the early morning. While fishing in the same area I noticed a large cat print on top of my felt soled boot print. I’d been fishing all day and was heading back to the car.
While I was traveling, my wife quoted a local newspaper article stating that a hunter killed a large mountain lion in this same area. Per her description it was reported to be near 200#. A quick internet search did not turn up the story but it did turn up several others about Cougar/Mountain Lion sightings in the area, along with a poached Cougar of 147 # that is now in a nature center.
With my Sherlock Holmes like powers of deduction I’ve concluded that there is a lot of Mountain Lions in our area......


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Have only seen two cougars - both on the North Fork of the Snoqualmie. Have found their tracks a number of times throughout the North Puget Sound area and several times have found their tracks on top of my tracks while hiking to fishing spots on the Sauk/Skagit. Once i literally stumbled upon a cougar deer kill (buried in leaves/brush) which needless to say caused my hair to stand on end and a few nervous moments.

While there lots of bobcats here in western Washington am surprised that I have seen as many wolverines as bobcats (one each) in my western Washington travels. Have come across a number of black bears with some intersting stories.



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there are 2 hanging around the area I live. I see them a few times a month.

A friend shot one in my area during deer season. Shot it from the hip as it was only 10 yds away and very interested in him
I've seen four. Three of them were near Baker Lake, seen while hiking. The other one ran across a logging road in front of me while riding my motorcycle.
Not sure how many bobcats I've seen, maybe half a dozen.
Last year I saw something like 18 or 20 bears and most of those were in the spring. The most memorable from last year was definitely the cubs that climbed a tree about 20 yards from us. Their mom ran the other way and we didn't think it would be wise to hang around too long.
I have seen one on the other side of the Fernan Saddle coming home after a day of fishing the CDA. It was laying on the side of the logging road in a ditch when I came around the corner it lept up the apx 10-12 feet up the side of the hill into the woods. It didn't run up the hill, it lept from laying on its belly in one jump. It then laid in the woods and stared at us. We could only see it's eyes in the reflection of my flashlight when it stared at us, when it looked away you couldn't even see it. Kind of eerie to be honest. I think it could have jumped right into my window if it wanted. Sure gave me goose bumps.
I saw one run across the road at Middle Fork Snoqualmie once - I can still close my eyes and see it. It had started raining, and the cat was wet and dark-looking, and just ran across the road in front of my vehicle as I drove. Goose bump time ...