Bottom Fishing w/Fly Gear


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I will fish in slots and pockets of kelp. You will hang up quite a bit at times, but my moto is when bottom fishing, if you're loosing gear, you're in the right spot! There is a ton of cover and shelter for those fish to hide in and around and you just have to be close to it to trigger a strike. I will fish in it sometimes (when current allows it) and other times i will fish the edges.
Great thread. I have just aquired my first salt set up and heading to Rhode Island next week. Unfortunately, I wont have a boat, it will be surf casting. I bought some 4" Clousers w/dumbbell heads in various colors. I will be watching for more replies. By the way, I will be using a 7wt line w/12' sink tip, any suggestions on leader # and tippet. Looking to hopefully get into a Striper or Bluefish. Thanks
Be sure to duck a bit when you cast. That heavily weighted Clouser is liable to hit you in the back of the head, especially with a sink tip.:rofl:
use lead core line
search ebay for TEL-A-DEPTH-LEAD-CORE-LINE
there is a whole bunch of factory seconds there.
each color change is 30feet, about just nice to load a 8wt if you want to cast.
I was fishing in Mexico a few years back with a heavy line and weighted fly. Clipped my rod with the fly because of poor technique. On the next cast, the tip followed the fly out into the water. Broken rod; no back-up in a 10 wt. Same trip, I stuck a fly in my back because I didn't have the proper technique for casting a heavy fly with a sinking line. It taught me the virtues of casting more carefully.

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if fishing from a boat with heavy heads a simple solution is to water load your back cast. works like a charm and no need to duck or worry about getting hit with the fly.

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Good to know. I'm almost finished rigging my Tarpon 140 with a sonar/gps. I still haven't gotten around to building my shooting head system for my 6wt and 8 wt (mainly because I've been too busy with other projects, and also because I've been thinking too hard about how I'm going to butcher my T-14 into a convertible shooting head that I can lengthen or shorten, depending on whether I am using it with my 6 wt or 8 wt). I'm still on a low budget. Otherwise I'd get some T-11 so that I could make a head longer than 20 feet for my 6 wt. With the 20' section looped on both ends, though, I will be able to loop on either a 4' or 6' section for my 8 wt. I'm still going cheap with the Amnesia running line, but if I don't like that, I might spring for an Airflo ridge running line.

I plan to fish out along the jetties here more this spring and summer. Mainly the South Jetty and outside the Harbor entrance over the sunken jetty.

by the way kayaks are kelp bed fishing mashines, so stealthy ive sight fished blacks less then 2 feet from the kayak, now that is exiting

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by the way kayaks are kelp bed fishing mashines, so stealthy ive sight fished blacks less then 2 feet from the kayak, now that is exiting
yep, no need to worry about lower units or hanging up in heavy kelp. they are the perfect fishing vessels for accessing fish deep within kelp beds. looking forward to late spring trips out to neah bay for rockfish and lingcod.