FS WTS: Sage SLT 376-4 Graphite IIIe B 3-weight rod

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It's time to pare down my fleet of 3-weights. First up is a Sage SLT 376-4 custom 3-weight, 4-piece rod. This rod is built on an SLT 376-4 Graphite IIIE B blank using components that look very similar to the factory-made rods, and the 7' 6" length is perfect for small streams and pack trips. I couldn't resist picking it up when I saw it last year, but found that a longer rod serves me better for the windy alpine lakes I usually fish and so this rod. Has been seldom fished and is in great shape, with very few marks on the blank, some darkening of the cork grip, and a patina developing on the endcap.

Pictures can be viewed here:

Rod is sold.

Thanks for looking,
People should not be scared off because this is custom made, it is a great rod, and one of my favorite models! You are giving someone a steal WK.
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