Canon A75...Goodbye Old Friend


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My wife's hand me down A75, which I've been carrying around in my fishing fanny pack, started having issues with the LCD turning all blurry and purple. I see that Canon recalled a bunch of models, including the A75, for a defect causing this. And, as my luck would have it, the window for free repair on the A75 closed on 12/31/11...exactly why I do not play the lottery, slots or blackjack :beathead:

I went ahead and sent an e-mail to Canon asking if they might consider still covering repair (or perhaps at reduced cost), but we'll see. I really like that camera for it's simple use, great battery life, and good pictures. And, since I already have all the memory cards, adapters, etc. hope repair is an option.

But, if that does not work out, I'm looking for advice on a replacement. Briefly spoke with Ed Call, Rob Ast and Dennis E about the subject while having beer at the Tides this week and Ed suggested the new A10 waterproof model. We recently purchased a new model Canon Powershot at work (forgot the model), and the battery life is TERRIBLE! Great battery life is a must...nothing more aggravating than seeing the light come on all the time, especially while floating on the rivers. Also, small and compact is key as I keep it in my fanny pack. Recommendations requested. :confused:

the Pentax Optio series takes great fotos, has a very good battery life, is small and reasonably priced, and above all is waterproof. I have the W30 model; the newer models just have more pixels. HTH.



Not to be confused with Freestone
Found another one on E-bay, rebuilt by Canon with a 30 day warranty. Just got it yesterday and it works great ($67 w/shipping). After looking at the options and having to buy new ancillary stuff for a more modern camera (memory card, battery, card reader, etc., I'd be into it $200+ for anything decent.
I had a Canon point & shoot go bad and called up Canon about it. They a customer rewards program where you can purchase a discontinued model at an incredible price. I told the guy the model of my camera and he rattled off a bunch of cameras for me to check out. It may say on the box or invoice that the camera is refurbished, but I was told they were unsold ones pulled off the shelf. When the new camera arrives, you send the old one back to the factory.

With Canon upgrading the D10 to the D20, the D10 may be available in this program.

I recently decided to purchase a point & shoot waterproof camera because I was getting tired of babying my non-waterproof P&S. I looked at Nikon (AW100), Canon (D10 and D20), and Panasonic (DMC-TS3 and -TS4). I ended up purchasing the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3. With Panasonic coming out with an upgraded version (TS4) of the TS3, I got mine at a great price ($229 and free shipping). It even has GPS. It's waterproof to 12m, dust proof, freeze proof to 14 deg. F, and shock proof to 2m according to the specs.

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