Save Bristol Bay Fundraiser


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Join us for an outdoor-themed silent auction to support Trout Unlimited in their efforts to protect Bristol Bay salmon habitat. As wild salmon disappear around the globe, Bristol Bay, Alaska continues to produce the world’s largest sockeye salmon fisheries and one of the largest king salmon runs. The reason for this is clear; the Bay’s freshwater salmon habitat is largely untouched by development. However, the bay is under threat from foreign mining corporations that want to turn the watershed into an industrial mining district. North America’s largest open-pit mine is proposed for an area that straddles two of the bay’s most important salmon streams. If plans for the Pebble Mine are allowed to proceed, they risk destroying a $360 million commercial and sport salmon fishery that celebrated its 125th year in 2009.
For more information or contributions contact Brian Cole @ 206-501-5279, [email protected]

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Hey Brian,

Your links (for me) were not working. Can you share the dates and times of the silent auction in the body text, please? I assume it will be held at Beveridge Place here in W. Seattle (based on the link title). It's literally just a block from my door so I don't want to miss it. Thanks for helping promote this important grassroots effort!

By the way, if the auction includes "no pebble mine" stickers that would be money; can't find those biatches anywhere....

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