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Just a note y'all: My flies may not be in WaBow's hands by the due date, but they will be in the mail by then. I've had to travel for work a LOT lately, which continues into next week. I'm taking the tying stuff with me next week and will mail from there. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks for bearing with me.
Thanks for the update,Im sure it wont be a problem to wait an extra day or two.


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Compared to descriptions of others, don't have high expectations for mine. Small bugs and hopefully effective. Look forward to seeing them all.
Going out in the morning.Only been tying a couple of years.Never worked with foam much.Both the damsel and hopper are both proven patterns for me.Both patterns were given to me by a friend a couple of years ago and did well.The damsel could not be any easier tie.The colors are endless.

I'll have mine in the mail today. They're sort of a Furimskiy's Caddis. They're also the first foam flies that I've tied and among the first flies I've tied period. None of them are exact copies of the original, but I'm sure they'll all catch fish.

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