3 man lake on sunday

The lake has no name but three of us have named it 3 man lake.
The day started off with a real shock! Three bull elk walked across in front of me driving in. It has been 10 years at least since I actually saw the elk. A lot of sign but no fur.
When I finally arrived at the lake with no name, I began contemplating which of the 3 new patterns I had tied up to start with. I settled on the olive and yellow hackle and proceeded. In about 30 minutes a 15" cutt engulfed my offering and I had to cutt the fly off. Next I tried the orange with yellow hackle and it took about 29 minutes to hook a 17" cutt. I released the rascal and flipped the fly out about 30 feet or so and I'll be damned if the same fish didn't take a swipe at it! I watched his dorsal go right to the fly!
At this point I was really just about in NIRVANA. So I tied on a drqagon fly nymph that I concocted and in about a half hour I have a 15" cutt dancing off the end of my line. Now I say to myself this is as good as it gets! Three new flies and three fish. I keep working the nymph and then all HELL brakes lose. This sucker does not want to cooperate! In about half a life time and a lot of head shaking I get him to the boat and the mother goes air born! This is a BIG cutt. It takes me awhile but finally I get her up next to the boat and she isn't going to be nice. Finally, I have to slip a net under her to get the fly out of the jaw. A solid 19"s of wild cutt. I missed the next five strikes and then headed in and called it a great day. Three elk, Four nice wild cutts and three new patterns that work. That is all I can ask for! and then some. Today the GOD's smiled!


Mike Monsos

AKA flyman219
Nice as it gets Dave! When you tweek a pattern and have cutts agree with your design is the best. I'm going to have to wait to try my new stuff next weekend if I can spring a break out with my buds.
Mike, in that you have expored and fished up in that area and have tried lots of different water searching for the elusive ones, you can appreciate what it takes to find a honey hole.
The only thing is about this one is that it is tough to get into. Not very far, just tough. I am good for about one trip a year.
I will e-mail the recipe for the nymph pattern. Very easy to tie and it would be interesting if it works for you also.

I had it to myself yesterday. It looked like I was the first one to use it this year. Once I got in I had to brush out the launch area.


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