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Brian Miller

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One other feature I think I am seeing, but cannot say with 100% consistency yet. Chris, when I click on a thread link in a Forum that I have previously accessed, am I automatically being taken to the first post entered after I last accessed the thread; even if multipage?

And one other thing I really like, there is now a pair of hierachy links after the last post on a page to go back to the Forum or the Forums pages without clicking a dropdown lookup


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WE NEED A BIGGER SELECTION OF ICONS :D ...competing sites have lots of them and they spice up posts a bit. I'll add a burger and fries to the beer offer.


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Looks good.
Any chance of adding "All" so you can view all posts within a thread with multiple pages such as this one?
Looks good, although I have yet to try inserting an image. If I cannot drag & drop directly from my computer, it ain't gonna happen. To my old tired eyes, that light green/gray font lacks contrast against the white background.

Chris Scoones

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You can leave a conversation and if you do the conversation will be removed from your inbox. It won't be deleted outright unless everyone that was in the conversation chooses to leave it.

That approach to how things are handled in your inbox will likely be changed at some point but until then there are no restrictions with regards to how many messages you have, etc.
Chris, Can we add a link to the "menu" bar at the top of the forum page that takes up to the gallery like in the previous version?
I saves from having to back all the way out to get to the gallery.


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