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Working now. Thanks.

Something else. My load speed is way down. It's just on WFF. So I know it's not my comp. or internet. Takes up to 10sec. to load a page. Is it Chrome?


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I've noticed the load times are slow as well both at work and home. Using IE.
Worse when looking at a thread and then going back to the "Whats New" page. It is fast to just click the "Whats New" tab again then to hit the back and wait for it to load.

Also, I had asked about this earlier but I know you've got lots on your plate with the new form.
Is there a way to add an "All" option at the end of the page numbers on multiple page threads such as this one? That way you can just scroll down and see all the posts within the thread without have to go to the next page, then the next page....

Thanks again for your work on the new forum format.

Thanks for your continuing efforts to improve a great site. Using Conversations is a bit confusing and could use an explanation for use, never sensed I was sending in response to a possible purchase,if at all. Still getting use to the new stuff.....


Chris Scoones

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Okay, found the problem. Unfortunately, to fix it on your end you're going to have to clear your cookies in your browner. If you need help with this let me know.
Chris, with all that you have to do, you probably don't need another request, so you can put this one on the back-burner, way back:

The mouse-over preview now opens only upwards, which means that if I put the mouse over the top thread on a page I'm looking at, the pop-up is invisible. It would be nice to have it like before, where the preview would either open below or above a thread based on where the mouse is on the page.

Thanks much,

One thing that I kind of miss from the old forums is having the location on display next to someone's posts. It's a pretty minor thing, but I like to see where people are from when they are talking about stuff. Particularly when you western Washington knuckleheads start talking about the "East side" and I get halfway through a thread before I figure out that for you're talking about Bellevue.

I realize I can click on a profile to see that info, but extra clicks is extra clicks, especially if I'm at work. Not that I would ever view this website from work. Nosir.


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Is there a way to delete old pm's/conversations? It might not matter if there isn't a message limit any more but my OCD is kicking in and I can't figure out how to get rid of them...

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