NFR What to do in Yakima?

Ed Call

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Will be in a variety of gymnasiums this weekend in Yakima, coaching my youth team. What is there to do in the area that can keep my family busy and sane so they don't have to sit in a loud gym all weekend?

They plan to do some time in the hotel pool, goecaching and seeing what activities there may be on Saturday and Sunday.

Suggestions here or via PM greatly appreciated.


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Don't wear blue or red clothing and bring ballistics vests.

what are your interests?

I would take family to the elk feeding station on why 12 and sheep feeding station in Naches.

Many decent Mexican restaurants. Some good hiking too. Pm for areas if interested


Jasper hickman
Id also split up hwy 12 or 410, there is a geat network of logging roads you drive over from one hwy to the next. One of my personal favorites. Usually a few elk or sheep maybe bear. In the area. No more than 45 min from yakima, and a few hours to get over the hill. Snow could be an issue though. There is a couple ponds along the way that in summer house some eager trout, ive got no idea how they would fish in winter. Good luck

Ed Call

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Unfortunately no fishing for me, I'll be coaching. The girls are only 6 and 8 so they will be up for some light hiking, but no really tough stuff just yet.

The Elk and Sheep feeding stations seems interesting and age appropriate. Thanks.


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Only 3 drive-by shootings and one stabbing this week in Crackivegas. Violent crime is down and Should be safe

Have fun!


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My kids are exacly the same age. Kid's Castle is a good bet (jungle gym, climbing wall, bouncy house). It usually keeps my two occupied for a couple of hours. We hiked Cowiche canyon this past weekend, and that's worth doing. PM me if you need directions. Mark

Upton O

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If it is sunny and warm mind the snakes in Cowiche. If time is an issue, and the girls just want to run, throw a ball or just stretch their legs, Gilbert Park is a safe location option but there isn't any play equipment. The elk feeding is a good suggestion if they are into animals. I'll check with a bunch of my Yak friends on FB and get back to you.

Upton O

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A few more ideas from the Yaks: "Yakima Arboretum at the Greenway, Randall Park to feed the ducks, the soda fountain is now open at the Yakima Valley Museum, Peppermint Stick Drive for ice cream and of course, parents have to top the day at MINER"S!"
This is good for a hour or 2 though is might be considered boring to the kids. Between Yakima and Natches there is an area to view Indian petroglyph's.

Upton O

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Ed, Can't vouch for any of these except Minors, they were just suggested by a guy I know: Family Fun Center, Museum at Franklin Park (roll down the terraces at the park, this I can vouch for) , Minors , The Greenway,
Higs & Knuckles, Friends Forever

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What? You can't just flex the precision rifle, shooting a few gangbangers from 6-700 yards anymore? The girls are about the right size to start 'em off with a .17HMR, I'd think!

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