Where Can I Practice Casting Around Seattle?


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I'm have a brain misfire and can't think of a place where I could legally practice Spey casting relatively close to Seattle. With the PS rivers closed I guess that leaves me the middle fork of the snoq and the Yakima? Anyone else have some bright ideas on some legal open water to practice in?

I've heard even tying on yarn or clipped hooks will get you a nice ticket in the snoq or sky. Shame.


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Just go to a lake. I learned at Green Lake. If you go when there is a breeze, you can even get a little current.



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Aaron does a casting clinic on the Snoq every sat at fall city.
I often practiced at the Ben Howard boat launch on the Sky and called the wdfw and told them so when river was closed.
There are also a few decent lakes from Tacoma to Monroe that are good spots to practice.


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A dozen of us were practicing this morning under the Fall City bridge on the Snoqualmie in Fall City. In fact, Aaron Reimer's been holding practice and spey classes for a long long time, every Saturday, with yarn, closed or not closed. Lot's of cigars, testing and good banter.


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I frequent Ben Howard for practicing when the Sky is closed and so long as you make sure to only have yarn on your line Fish n' Game won't have an issue with you being out there.
Couldn't you cast on any river at any time if you don't cast a hook...?
Someone sees you. Calls it in to F&G. They send someone out. Officer reads you the riot act for taking up their time on a poaching call. You take up their time that could and should be used looking of real poachers. NOT good.


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Aaron calls F&G every Saturday morning, so that when people call in to report fishing on closed what the agencies know what is going on without sending an officer out to the river to check it out. Fall City is very public of course. Ben Howard is a great place, since it's not on the main road and you won't be seen by many, which makes it easier.

Lake Tye in Monroe is a great place to practice, but any lake or just a grass field (baseball or soccer field) works well. Just slow down on the grass, or you can use a grass leader (I don't bother too though), On Sunday mornings, I practice at an elementary school that is a few minutes away. The water is better, but all practice is good, if you practice the "right" stuff.


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Even casting without a hook COULD be considered harassment of wildlife and still land you ticket, just be careful.

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Still water. Green Lake is your best bet... It's generally better to learn on slack water anyhow, no current to hide flaws in your setup.....

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Practice casting without a hook got me a ticket on the Nisqually by MP's a few years ago. They almost took a Meiser rod from me as well. The judge threw it out, but cost me a day of my time in court. Best to stay off the Fort.

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