Hello From Edmonton!

Hey guys, just recently signed on to this board. Some of you might recognize me from other forums. But anyways, i'll give you a bit of a bio, been fly fishing strictly C&R for 10 years now (17 years now), do a lot of fishing on the bow, vancouver island and stillwater fishing, and look forward to contributing some fish porn to y'all.

I do have a question though, i am in Tillamook bay/Oceanside in august, and wondering what the opportunities are for fly fishing. I've googled a bit a the trask river trout fishing sounds interesting, but so does the kilchis, tillamook river, williamson river. Maybe even the north santiam? Wondering what my chances are of tying into a steelhead down there. I have everything from 3wts-9wt + speys.

Tight lines!


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