2011-2012 Duck Pics

Thought i would post some late pictures of 2011-2012 duck hunting photos. would like to see some of your guys hunts to




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Not much to post for me, but thanks for your post. It's great to see new hunters coming into the sport. As a member of Ruffed Grouse Society I'm sad at the lack of young hunters in that group. As a member of Ducks Unlimited, I was pleased to see tons of young kids at the Skagit DU banquet last week. Keep up the good work, share the sport.

Rick Todd

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Here are some of my hunting pictures from the past season
IMG_20120113_5693 copy.jpg

It was as cold as it looks-about 12 degrees!
IMG_20120113_5695 copy.jpg

some Montana pheasants
IMG_20120113_5712 copy.jpg

Cute little guy! (my wife can't understand how I can shoot these!)

All in all a great hunting season! (and it is almost time to chase turkeys!) Rick

Alex MacDonald

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Well done to all! One of the sacrifices I had to make when I moved, was giving up duck hunting like I'd known all my life. Maybe the new trailer will change this, but at least I'm able to hunt grouse here!


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Great to see a family in the outdoors and young hunters these days.
D3Smartie......I have never seen so many banded birds in one season.Congrats
Rick,I like the verity of birds you got

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