Fly Fishing Novels, Any Recommendations?

John Dude

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Not a novel, but a good read is the Seasons of the Fisherman the series of writings collected over the years of Roderick Haig-Brown

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Not a novel, but a collection of short stories; "In Trout Country", edited by Peter Corodimas. It may be out of print, since I got a hard-back copy almost 40 years ago. Great stories in it!

Old Man

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Here's one by Doug Rose(I think that's his name) "Fishing the OP. It's not really a book, but how the fish the OP. Has lots of info on how's and the why's of the OP.

Lots of good info there.

David Loy

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Ted Leeson's "The Habit of Rivers" is a series of short stories similar to Gierach. VERY good IMO. One of the stories had me crying I was laughing so hard.
Thomas McGuane - The Longest Silence and Ninety-two in the Shade. Also, I believe he has a new one out now that revolves around fly fishing.

Rick Todd

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Here are a few I have enjoyed-some novels some non-fiction. Dark Waters by Russell Chatham, Blue Lines by Tom Reed, Galatin Canyon and Inventing Montana by Ted Leeson, River Music by James Babb, and Home Pool by Bruce Ducker. Even though not directly about fly fishing, the whole series of novels by Ivan Doig about Montana is excellent, especially if you spend time fishing in Montana as you will learn a lot of the area history! There were a few recommended here I haven't read and look forward to reading! Thanks, Rick
Several by Robert Traver (pen name.) My two favorites are, "Trout Magic" and "Anatomy of a Fisherman." He also wrote, " Anatomy of a Murder" under his real name, John Voelker.
My Story As Told By Water - By David James Ducan
Not fiction but a collection of essays. Some of the most powerful stuff DJD has written regarding the connections to rivers and trout and salmon...

David - I am going to read The Longest Silence soon.
i did a post several years ago on a bunch of books so i wont repeat . any book by scott waldie, john holt, john barshness, or galligan is worth reading. also paul arnolds wisdom of the guides is good. mike w
Try "Snowfly" by Joseph Heywood....I promise you won't be able to put it down. I'd send you my copy but it has passed through so many fly fishermen that I don't know where it is now. It is about the search for a hatch of giant white mayflies that bring the monster fish in the stream up to feed.....


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Gierach has a new book out. I just got it as a Birthday gift this week. I'll let you know how it is, but so far as good, if not slightly better, than the last couple.