Swap Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap? CLOSED!!!!


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Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

im the lazy man here, i still cant find 1/0 salt hooks. im goin ina few hours and buying the biggest ones i can find. should have them in the mail in the morning, ive been doing alot of saltwater tying latley so all stuff is around. somewhere. i hope.
Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

Ben and Bob - got your flies in the mail the past couple of days...was out of town, mail server died etc etc.

2 outstanding and the promises are good since both tyers are stellar folks - so I hope to get them back to you in Friday's mail.



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Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

Hey y'all

I was supposed to get on a plane for Kodiak yesterday, but there were some problems with the airlines:reallymad so I am leaving today instead.

Anyways, if you havent sent the streamers to my house yet, just send them to my address in Kodiak . The shipping should be the same, it'll just take two weeks instead of two days :thumb

Andrew Perrault
c/o Saltery Lake Lodge
1516 Larch St
Kodiak, AK 99615

Again, keep those lines tight this summer!!!!



Workin in a sweet mullet
Big Fish Saltwater Fly Swap?

yeah, flip told me he was putting his streamers for the streamer swap in the mail a month ago..... still havent seen them.....


Anyway, thanks again and I'll see y'all in October!!!

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