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The gallery is mostly squared away. If you discover an issue there let me know.

The groups section is still on hold. For the most part it's ready save for one item which is a show stopper. It has to do with those groups that were setup as private, where you needed to in the group before seeing any of it's content. The new groups area is all public but that's being sorted out. As soon as that last bit is done I'll release it.

The images that were uploaded to the old /board for posts are still MIA. They are there, they were imported but the links to them all are at issue. It's going to be a while until I have them sorted out but they will be available again.

Yeah, I know, there is still some layout / color issues to deal with. Want to put the logo back up... Other stuff first.

The old "content area"... I've started porting over content and re-doing the images in those articles by hand. I've completed a good portion of it. There are even some articles that haven't seen daylight in a couple years. Everything will be kept in Articles & Reference but below are some hard links which I'm also including now in the sidebar.

Shops / Clubs / River Flows / Guides / River Shuttles / Organizations / Agencies / Weather

Articles(work in progress):
Regional: (work in progress):
: Oregon / Idaho /

Fly Fishing Gear Directory:
Lines, Leader & Tippet / Rods / Reels/ Packs, Vests, Bags & Boxes / Boats, Rafts & Accessories /Fly Dealers / Fly Tying Material / Fly Boxes /Accessories / Artwork / Books & Video/ Clothing & Sunglasses

There are a couple of other sections of content I haven't started on but I'll get to it.

Greatly appreciate your effforts, Chris.
If you get down my way, the local fishing isn't so hot, but I can treat you to some killer Mexican cuisine.:D

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