Rufus Woods giant trout?

I keep hearing that gear and bait fisherman catch lots of huge triploid rainbows out of rufus woods resivoir.Has anyone ever fly fished rufus woods in eastern washington?Which is a dammed part of the columbia river by electric city.i want to try this lake this summer, a 10 to 12 pound trout is nothin out of hear and the lattest state record for a rainbow came from rufus and it was over 20 pounds.
Theres got to be a way to catch these football shaped pigs on fly. :DUNNO
Fish till ya drop.
Then suck it up
and fish the evening hatch.

I live nearby and all I can tell you is your pioneering if ya try.
It's not a river and not a lake...problem #1. It's very large and not floattube friendly problem #2. The water is cold Columbia River meltwater in the spring problem #3. The hatches are few and far between problem #4. The major fishery is spring when the trout and a million baitchuckers and lure draggers congregate near the netpens,problem #5.
I hear rumors occasionally, but they usually turn out to be guys dragging those K-flies behind flashers like on Roosevelt.
I suggest waiting untill summer and then trying hoppers or if that
doesen't work try dragging big streamers.
Well for what it is worth, I have watched them catch them and they are the biggest rainbows I've ever seen. They throw out power bait right downstream of the hatchery pens and then hold on. They do it from the shore. The hatch would be a size 6 or 8 nymph hook with brown chenile or dubbing over a highly floatable foam body. You guessed right. It is the infamous "pellet fly." I have been there and it is usually crowded and you have to roll cast about 50'. There is a road right to the spot and all the locals know about it. I could find it again but don't know how to tell you.

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