FS Hatch Monsoom 7 Plus Reel And Extra Spool

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I am selling my Hatch Monsoom 7 plus reel and an extra spool I bought
for it. I have used this reel for Streamer Fishing on an 8 weight with a
300 grain sink line. The line is not for sale. I have never used the extra
spool, it has a SA MS GPX WF 8 weight optic green line on it(never used)
that I will include. I purchased both last year and the reel is in good
shape. I have the register cards and both reel covers. The backing on
both is 20lb Dacron. The color is silver with blue. I think Hatch makes
the best reel in the business, I have several and that is all I use. I just
got a 7 plus fanatic for my birthday, so I won't be using this reel anymore.
This reel has never been in the salt. I want 550.00 for the reel and the
spool. You can email me at [email protected] and I will send you pictures.

DSC_0988a.jpg DSC_0989a.jpg DSC_0990a.jpg DSC_0992a.jpg DSC_0993a.jpg DSC_0994a.jpg DSC_0995a.jpg DSC_0996a.jpg DSC_0998a.jpg DSC_1000a.jpg
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