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Topwater and tying.
It's all in how you look at it.
I and my son are heading to the canal for a little casting practice and SRC fishing. Planning on starting on the east side near the bridge and working our way south. A lunchtime stop at Silver City Brewpub in Silverdale sounds like a plan, also.

He's a born catch-and-release fisherman. Doesn't like to eat fish, but likes to go fishing. Haven't found too many things we both like to do over the years, but this may be it. It's about time since he's almost 30.
Took him on a guided float on the Yak last year and he's the only one that boated fish. Planning on another Yak trip in April and maybe we can BOTH boat some fish!

David Loy

Senior Moment
You are on the right track Dennis. Do it while you can, as often as you can. Build those lasting memories now.
I have learned with age and family loss, it's not about the toys or destination. Relationships are the dearest treasure.


Topwater and tying.
We had a great time, even though no fish to hand. I did manage to land a nice, barnacle encrusted rock(even took a picture;))! Went to beaches neither of us had ever been to and a couple of Brewpubs he'd never been to. All-in-all, a good day.
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Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
That's a nice sized barnacle encrusted rock! I had one bust me off once. Some of them are tough to land. Sounds like you had a great day.
However, you should be more careful about posting pics of your hand holding a live rock out of the water. Doncha know that you risk get keelhauled (on this site) for stressing out those poor barnacles.


Topwater and tying.
Planning on going to my sister's place in Rosedale on Friday. The little stream at the head of the lagoon has a chum run, so I'm hoping.

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