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Chris Scoones

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Most are rolling with the likes / dislikes ratings (
) that I added with the new forum. It's a straight forward feedback mechanism. While there are potential challenges, there are definite benefits..
  • Improves signal to noise ratio; less short/unnecessary posts if you just wanted to agree, say thanks or take exception to someone's approach.
  • Improves quality of posts (posters want to avoid negative)
  • Makes lurkers useful for something and gives them a means of interaction
I encourage you to use it. Effortlessly you could show some appreciation to someone's good efforts. If you haven't seen them yet, look to the lower right of any post.

As for the dislikes. If you consistently acquire dislikes, well, perhaps you should consider your approach. That said, be fair when dealing a dislike out and let it go at that.

Furthermore the likes are tied in with post counts to an overall trophy points. Out of the gate these "trophies" don't mean a thing except to say thanks for your participation and "it's not just your post count" but down the road it may become useful.


Update: Thanks for everyone's feedback. A lot of it offline. Going to move forward with likes and drop the dislikes. Perhaps I'll revisit that approach down the road but for now, it seams it's going to cause some distraction I'd rather not deal with at the moment.

Ed Call

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Good feature that hopefully will lead most to be interactive, helpful and positive. There are no angels or saints here, but sometimes the nasty stuff is best suited for a PM and out of the view of the masses.

Big E

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After posting a what I thought was a killer SBS, I'm left wondering who I have to spoon around here to get some likes.



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The problem I see with ratings is the tit for tat that will be going on. I thumbs down a post from freestoneangler and I see he did the same to me. I think retaliation will drive a lot of the ratings.

zen leecher aka bill w

born to work, forced to fish
I like fly fishing, sipping alcoholic beverages on the back patio, browsing fly fishing stores, long walks on the beach and spooning. Dislikes are vaccumming, doing the dishes, most assignments from the wife.

Is that what likes/dislikes are??

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