NFR She Is The Shizznizzle!!

Been busting ass at work ,no time to fish, passed on a quicky to the coast this past weekend , arggggggggg!!!!!........... then I come home tonight to find a gopro2 sitting on the coffee table:) my wife is the shizz!!!

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Very nice! Now you can out your favorite secret spots to the world!:eek:
I thought of getting one and changing my forum name to "Gonzo Hedcam." :) Then I thought I might want to mount it on a "vanity boom" located in the front of my boat so I can "shoot" myself fishing, but then I'd have to use the faux name, "Narcisco Boomcam.":cool:
I couldn't decide on the name I'd use, so I haven't gotten one yet.
Im gonna youtube all your "I paid money for" honey holes bandy:) really im excited to capture our family and friends moments on tape, some fishing too ofcourse . Jim, sexypro will be a new member soon.... look for the lip gloss:)
OK, so I'm tecnologically challenged: what's a GoPro2?
Alex, I asked the same question several months ago. Those things are way beyond me. I can barely take a decent picture with my simple point and shot camera.

I don't know about you, but I'm not especially concerned about being technologically challenged. And, I refuse to get a phone that is smarter than me.

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