Baja Trip - Pacific Side

So my wife found a deal for a 4 night stay at a pretty cool beachfront place called Cerritos Surf Colony. It's about an hour north of Cabo on the Pacific side, about 10 minutes south of Todos Santos. We're hoping to head down there in the next couple of months, and of course I will bring fishing gear along. Just wondering if anyone has experience with this area? I prefer to go unguided, and don't care so much about targeting trophies or even certain species. Nothing against guides in any way, I would consider that option as well. I'm always content to fish in a new place and catch something. Anyone know the deal on license requirements for beach/surf fishing only? Thanks for any info.
I've been to Cerritos Beach many times. It is primarily a surfing beach, but you can defnitely fish there. There is a small jetty at the north end of the beach that provides good access to get past the breakers. There are a variety of rockfish, pargo, etc. near the rocks. Sierra are also common, so you may want a bite leader. Just be careful if you are on the rocks as the surf can pick up at any time. No license is required when fishing from shore.