More Fishing License/discovery Pass Confusion?

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Language, its a virus
I heard the earth moving and knew DFL's blood pressure
was up so I checked WWF. What a mess. Glad I haven't paid
my tax yet because I would have been pissed like Mark and Larry.
How did this slide on to the public without any notification?
It is more than obvious that the people making the rules
don't fish or ever go outside (in daylight). I thought it was
bad last year with the Discover Your Wallet Tax.
I was wrong.

I have a different problem, the state says I have to change my license because it is 7 years old. that invalidates my Discovery pass.......Help!


Jasper hickman
I don't think your licence has anything to do with the discovery pass, its for your vehicle not you.

And to make it simple you are gonna bite the bullet and buy both passes if you want to go anywhere out of doors. I just place all of my passes, wdfw, discover, a trail pass of some kind, a ski pass, a few parking pass from Seattle, a validated pass from hooters, I even through up an old wwu parking pass sometimes.

But really I write lightly in pencil and swap numbers if necessary, haven't had a problem yet and I've done it with my wdfw pass for years. Of course the warden would need to be about 6'8" to see the dash of my van! Mirror has been removed of course.
I was told you can send it back in with documentation that shows the change in plates and they will issue a NEW DP free of charge.
I had that same issue last year when I bought a new truck a couple months after I bought the DP (old truck died). Got a temporary paper plate then the new ones showed up. At first they said I had to buy a new DP for the new truck twice, but they were wrong. Its a pain but I managed.
Beginning July 1, the Discover Pass is required for vehicle access or parking on Washington state parks and recreation lands. Note: Current Vehicle Use Permits will be honored on WDFW lands for the balance of the license year (through March 31, 2012).

Taken from the WDFW web site. Now I am confused.
(Red copy is my edit.)

Second edit:
Where do I need a Discover Pass?
The pass is required to access state recreation lands and water access sites managed by Washington State Parks (State Parks), Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR). These lands include state parks, water access points, heritage sites, wildlife and natural areas, trails and trailheads. The Discover Pass will be needed to access DNR’s developed or designated recreation areas, sites, trailheads and parking areas. For a complete list of exemptions, please go to the Discover Pass website.

More edit. from the Discover Pass web site.

  • Hunting and fishing on WDFW-managed lands. The Discover Pass is not required for holders of certain hunting and fishing licenses on WDFW recreation lands and water-access sites. For those individuals, a "WDFW vehicle access pass" will be required for vehicle access to WDFW lands and boat launches. WDFW will honor WDFW vehicle use permits that were purchased prior to July 1, 2011, on WDFW lands through March 31, 2012.

    Those license holders will need a Discover Pass to access DNR-managed lands that are developed or designated as recreation areas, sites, trailheads and parking areas. Signs will be posted in these areas. License holders will not need a Discover Pass to access small blocks of undesignated DNR-managed lands.

    For vehicle access to lands managed by State Parks, all hunters or fishers will need to purchase the Discover Pass. As a reminder, hunting is not allowed on State Parks lands.

    Note: The vehicle access pass is valid for the license's year (April 1 through March 31) and is issued free of charge with an individual's initial purchase of a big-game or small-game hunting license, western Washington pheasant permit, trapping license, Watchable Wildlife decal, or saltwater, freshwater or combination recreational fishing license.

Brad Niemeyer

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This is absolutely ridiculous, who do I write to? My state reps?

Can I ride my bike to the local stocker lake and fish without a Discover Pass?
What about county parks where lake access and park access are muddled together, Do I need a Discover Pass to take my son to the playground?

I'm willing to pay for the right to fish and If I have to pay for parking, well that's OK... But jerking us around is stupid.

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
Thanks for correcting my mistake regarding the DP for WDFW access points.

Go to your Senate & House members, they make the laws not the individual departments.

I buy my lic. and I hang the dam, dam on the mirror and I don't remember to write down the #'s
So who is checking? Nobody I've ever seen.
Maybe that's why it's called a secret spot. Ya think?


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So can I use my Good to Go pass to pay for the fine when I don't write my license plate on my other fucking passes? :mad:

Btw, I've never written my license plate on my WDFW pass.. why start now? I only have one vehicle, and that won't change anytime soon... I may break down and get a fucking Discovery Pass, since Leland doesn't invite me fishing anymore... :rolleyes:

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