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I found the Carrons to have a really long back taper, and they seemed to work best with about ten feet of the head sucked in. Basically, if you want to actually fish a 65 foot head for example, you need the 75 footer...AJ
Not sure I understand. With ten feet of the head sucked in where does this put the color change?

Dan Page

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With 10' sucked in, the back end of the head--color change-- would be 10' inside the rod from your rod tip. 16' rod would have the color change 6' from your hands.
Idaho Steel - which Highlander Classic and which FF line are you using?
Fifteen foot 6/7/8 and FF-70 8/9. Grain-wise, I think that this line is probably pushing the upper end for this rod, but once you have the whole head out with a smidge of overhang, it feels really crisp and responsive, and flies like the proverbial homesick angel. --AJ
I'd be interested in trying one. Think it would have to be the 65' 8/9 or the 75' 9/10. Wish there was a lighter long line.
Does one typically hold the back of the head outside the rod tip, or down into the rod?
From what I remember and understand with the 75 9/10 the color change is at about 60ish feet so when the color change is just outside the tip of my 15' 8/9 the back of the rear taper is in my hands- It casts fabulously and the running line shoots extremely well.

I would think the 75 9/10 would be a tad too heavy on a 15' Highlander 678 which might make it necessary to pull the color change 10' inside the rod tip.

Dan Page

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What is the grain window designated on your rod?
My 16' 6/7/8 is 600 - 850 gr. This rod is not listed on his site anymore.
I realy like the FF70 8/9 at 730 gr. for a dry line. It will cast much heavier though.
off the top of my head, I believe it's 450 to 750 grains. It would probably cast beautifully with a 7/8 also, but I like the way the 8/9 really digs down and engages the butt section. --AJ
I cast the 65 foot 8/9, but it had been modified into a 56 foot head with the factory running line and part of the rear taper cut off. So it was sort of hard to evaluate. But even so,it was exceptionally sweet to cast, though too short. I also tried a 75 foot 9/10 that had been un-modified. It cast very nicely as well, but I remember it seemed odd in terms of where the color change was in relation to the rear taper. It cast fine with the color change a bit outside the tip as well. Maybe Bruce can shed some light on how these things are put together. I got a chance to talk to Travis Johnson in September, and I remember him saying that a lot of Carron enthusiasts tend to modify their lines to suit their needs. I bet the 75' 9/10 would go pretty well on your rod. --AJ

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