NFR Mariners Are World Champs

Big news! The Seattle Mariners are the only undefeated team in Major League Baseball. The Commissioner has agreed to cancel the rest of the MLB season and the Martiners will be crowned the World Champions in a special ceremony at Safeco Field on Saturday.
This is a fitting result as the opening game of "americas pastime" being played in Japan and Ichiro going 4 or 5 in his home country. Truly a World Series the Mariners starting pitcher is from South America the star was from Japan the winning hit was from a guy from Georgia (the one in the USA) and the winning pitcher a Dane.
All is well in the world now that the baseball season has started.
America the beautiful, apple pie, baseball and fly fishing....
PS to be a fly angler and a Mariners fan requires the same character trait. Unbridled optimism!!!!

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Too bad that the games they are playing come on in the middle of the night. Not to many fans up at that time. I know I wasn't

Ed Call

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I was. Not a bad start. Better if Felix would have gotten the win. I'm too tired to watch tonight's game though. Jesse, great use of the English language to surround the globe in baseball brilliance.
I'm happy baseball is back, and they won their first game! I'm totally with you that it takes the same character trait to be an M's fan, but it might be more like steelheading than just fly fishing :)
Good idea posting a sports topic, its definately my strength knowledge wise. The A's have got to be the worst team in baseball right now. Hopefully Montero will come out strong and live up to his reputation of being a guy that can hit 20-25 hrs a year, they'll need the run support BAD.

Alex MacDonald

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I was thinking the same thing, Skysoldier; it's an exhibition game, right? Whoopie-Do!! Let's see how they play in real life, considering how they played last season. Not, mind you, that I actually follow base-a-buru, but it seems to me that it was a cause for celebration when they won a game last year, no?

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These two games in Japan are the real deal. Regular games don't start until April for the rest of the teams.

The Mariners come back to Arizona to finish the pre-season after the second game. Why they did it this way is a stupid mystery to me.

Ed Call

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Not an exhibition game. Regular season games. Now 1-1. Stupidest thing is now that these two regular season games are in the books, they do play another spring training exhibition series.


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Deja vu Jesse. Today they are 1-1 which is above their average but the handwriting is on the wall. Hernandez goes 8 strong in the opener, strikes out a bunch, walks no one, gives up 1 run and ends up with no decision. Sounds just like last year. The series ends with them only scoring 4 runs and it looks like their pitching staff is going to have to have about a 1.95 ERA collectively to have any chance at all. They did little to improve the club over the winter so I would assume that a 75-87 record would be about all they can accomplish this year.

I think they should move just like the Sonics did. Once the Sonics left town and didn't have to spend so much time travelling they were freed up to concentrate on basketball and turned into a powerhouse. The M's should move to Salt Lake City and become the Mormites. They could still be called the M's but the travel time to various cities would be greatly reduced and they might be able to lure some better players that are apprehensive about being stationed in an outpost like Seattle. An added benefit would be that Mitt Romney would be available to do the anaylist duties, surely he couldn't be any worse than Blowers and Simms.

Just yankin' your chain Jess, I know that you are an incorrigable Mariners fan.

MLB baseball in Japan is great PR for baseball. Having the games early gives the teams a chance to get back to the states rest up and get ready for the real season.
I think it's pretty cool.
The M's are .500 so there is still joy in Mudville.
Ivan two games into the season and you are already writing them off?:eek:
I keep telling you turn off the audio on the TV and listen to Rick Risz on the radio.

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