Sea Eagle For Stillwater


John or "LC"
I was out this morning on a foothill lake with the intent of scoring big on trout planted for an upcoming derby this weekend. Turns out we were one day before the plant :eek: and ended up with two 12" test tube trout, but anyway....

There was a guy in a Frameless Sea Eagle with an electric, about the same size as my Renegade. He was standing up and casting easily and it looked like a good setup, notwithstanding that Sea Eagle is rarely confused with Sotar. I've never actually seen a Sea Eagle and it's didn't look that bad, especially for the money. Granted he was spin fishing, and of course had no access to the water to use fins. If someone prefers to row and anchor and wants a decent craft that will take some chop and a little weather and doesn't need a trailer it's not a bad deal for $550.

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