Trouble Logging Into Gallery

I guess the thread topic says it all. I get an invalid login prompt when I try to log in to the gallery. I followed the login problems link and cleared the cookies identified but I still can't login.

Thanks in advance for your help/time.


Chris Scoones

Staff member
Hi Chris.

It's on my radar. Haven't found the issue but I'm working it and will status here as that progresses.

If you would, please note the browser that you're using to access WFF that's having issues.


Paul Huffman

Driven by irrational exuberance.
How's it going on the Gallery, Chris.? I noted that with FF on Win XP or Linux, I can't get logged on. The members list doesn't have me. The member list only has 5 users that begin with P.
yeah it's weird. I tried to login again and had the same problem, so I went back and followed the login problems link again, hit clear cookies, and this time it left 4 that it identified as being problematic.
Thanks for fixing the problem. If I sign in on the forum and then go to the gallery I am logged into the gallery. This works regardless of whether I am using IE or chrome.

As an aside, if I try to log in to the gallery directly I get the invalid log in notice. As a practical matter it doesn't matter but I thought you might want to know.

Thanks again.