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AND an air pressure gauge. I am not kidding on this one. Just like a car rides better on equal air, so will a pontoon. I am exhausted now, how about you LC....LOL


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No, no affiliation at all, I'm just really pleased with mine. They not be for everyone, but it fits my needs well. I'd buy another in a heartbeat.

The other one accessory I've found useful is the William Joseph wading belt/collapsable stripping basket. If you don't like a stripping apron but want a safety net dropping reels and spools in the drink and a stripping basket too, for $32 it's a good item. Nice wading belt too. Quality is acceptable, not stellar.
You do realize you can do the same with the Assault. The bag is optional. As far as packing in, yes the Assault is twice as heavy, but standing inside and using the two side handles is non taxing and quite easy. Very well balanced. I don't want to sound like a Scadden ad either, but the SFC is his design ;).
Yeah, I shouldn't have added the part about the Zodiac, it just confused the issue at hand. I wouldn't mind having an Assault type, and would leave it inflated and ready to go for the most part.

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Between those two, get the pontoon. If you expand your choices and are interested in additional information, post that here or feel free to PM. I have had a lot of fun on a lot of different craft in a lot of different situations. Give your lake and occasional river use, I'd suggest the pontoon boat.
I thank ALL of you for your input. I am pretty set on the SF with perhaps a wheel, and pumps, both K pump and electric, although I seem to have a lot of hot air my self. At my age, I doubt that I will be doing much hiking into remote lakes and river launches. I presume that with the SF I will have to find a way to rig my Minn Kota and battery. Give me something to do with all my spare time. Thanks again to you all.


Olive, good call. Lots of boats out there and they all have their purpose. I owned one of the original SF's and used it for years. They are much nicer now. And, a piece of cake to kick around on a lake.
Bucks Bags sells a motor and battery mount for their pontoon boats, though I think you'll lose the back deck.

The Alpine and High Adventure models seem to include an integrated motor mount. Their catalog available on their website seems to describe the models a bit better than their actual website.

I found this forum while researching the Dave Scadden Outlaw Escape; it's not exactly a pontoon boat, but I'm also looking at several different Scadden models--specifically the Outlaw X5.

Has anyone used the X5? I'm interested in hearing what you think.



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I've never used an Escape, but I have two friends that have them. One thinks it's ideal because it very packable and great for jumping levies on the Delta. The other likes his for the same reason but complains about the rowing and lack of storage, due to it's short length.

The problem I have with the Escape is the $700 pricing. For $300 more you can get a Renegade which only weighs about 6 lbs. more. It's longer and wider and has ample storage for a motor and large battery. The Renegade is probably the largest Scadden boat that is easily portable for most people.

I would sell my SFC in a minute and trade up to a used Escape for a float tube with oars. For a real 'toon of any size I'd go with the Renegade.

Mojo is the X5 guru, so he can address that craft. One good thing about the X5 is that they are the most plentiful used Scadden boats and sell for around $1000 used. If you're going to use a motor and don't care as much about portability, the X5 is perfect.
Thank you for the information! "Jumping levies on the Delta" sounds like quite a lot of fun! Are there any photos of that???

The main reason I'm considering the Escape is that I want something comparably sized to replace my new Super Fat Cat (which I dislike severely!) I had a SFC (w/ the hard foam seat) ~4 years ago, and had to sell it (and most of my fly-fishing gear) to help pay for college. I recently began re-acquiring fly-fishing gear, and picked up a new SFC, with inflatable seat--I've used it exactly 3 times, and its been in the box ever since (it's just so uncomfortable--I'm very disappointed!) IMO, Outcast took a really nice float tube, and messed it up. The seat length feels like its 2-3" shorter than the previous one, and the inner seat spacing is about 2" narrower. I'm in my early 40's, so I know that I haven't gotten any taller, and my waders still fit the same, so I haven't gotten any wider. I wish I would have known, I would not have bought another one.

I stumbled across a few youtube videos for the X5, and am impressed! It appears to be quite sturdy, and the different configurations are greatly welcomed! I don't foresee putting a motor on it, but you never know. Ideally, I'd like to get something that will let me do some fully loaded, multi-day fishing trips, perhaps on some whitewater like the Deschutes or McKenzie Rivers in Oregon... The X5 looks like it's suited for such water. Also, I see someone is selling one right now, but I'm in Florida, and he's in Montana. I'm heading back to the West Coast next month, but nowhere near him.

I do appreciate your help, and advice!


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I found this forum while researching the Dave Scadden Outlaw Escape; it's not exactly a pontoon boat, but I'm also looking at several different Scadden models--specifically the Outlaw X5.

Has anyone used the X5? I'm interested in hearing what you think.


I too have the X5 and I HAD the Escape (sold it) The X5 is awesome in every way. I bought the Magnum rear deck, some Scotty Rod holders, a piece of 2X4 for a motor mount, Ram fo sonar small mod for Transducer and read to go.
Very stable even in wind. The Standing platform is bigger than any other on the market.

Back to original post, Motor mount http://www.bucksbags.com/cm_item.asp?id=175 $107. About the same price as North Fork Outdoors universal motor mount.
My 2 cents: I replaced a fatcat with my southfork, 7 years ago. I got oar extensions (I've a bit of oar envy....) and replaced the vinyl "deck" with a wire rack ...and ginned up a homemade anchor system. It does all the lakes you mention, and more. You can adapt a wheel for hike-ins very easy, and it'll float a lot of rivers...I've done the Kootenai and the Spokane, both non-technical really, but they are indeed rivers. For me, this is an easy choice...The southfork is the F150 of solo fishing craft.
and I HAD the Escape (sold it)
Out of curiosity, why did you sell your Escape? Was it because you only needed/wanted one boat, or did it not perform as you expected? (like with my Super Fat Cat; it isn't comfortable, etc.)

The X5 is certainly well spoken for here; I learned long ago about re-inventing the wheel. When it comes to gear, it's usually smarter (and cheaper) to follow the advice of the experienced and well-seasoned. I'll definitely have to take a look at one in person, to make a more informed decision.

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