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Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Matthew, I too have wondered about some of the searun cutthroat I have seen that also looked like they may have been "searun cutt-bows." I'm OK with the uncertainty, as it lends an element of mystery to cutthroat fishing.
Ed, if you new my lack of photoshop skills you would know if I did! ;)
Chawycha - I use a 330 compact scandi. Seems to work well in most situations.
Thom - I hope I still have a little mojo left, but I agree, this fish was worth getting blown out of my OP trip. I seriously doubt I'll ever see another one like it. Now is it too much to ask to land a 20lb steelhead this weekend?? Maybe the mojo is still working?? :D

Ed Call

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Matthew, you truly are never in question from my perspective. That sea run cutthroat was amazing. So, how did the quest for steelhead go for you this weekend?
Ed, I just had to laugh at the thought of me actually putting together a believable photoshopped picture! As for the steel quest, that will happen next weekend. This will be the #4 attempt at getting out there this year, we'll see if a rouge storm blows in and dashes our chances.
You know, I was thinking about what to compare such a fish to. My first thought was twenty pound steel, but the more I think of it I see and hear of way more twenty pound steelhead being caught than src of that size. I caught two twenty lb steel on the same day once, but never caught such a beast of a src. Incredible


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Heck of a cutthroat MG. I would tend to believe that fish a full blooded SeaRun based on the patterning of the spots but we'll never know without a DNA test. I have caught my share of big cutts and the ones that I believe to be hybrids show a rosier cheek and generally have almost no spots below the lateral line. There was a thread here sometime ago that addressed the hybrid issue and i think had some decent pics.
About 5 years ago I was fishing near theHood Canal bridge with a spinning rod and brought to hand an 17 inch fish but as it got near the boat another bigger one flashed past the first fish. I tried all day to catch it but nothing. I went back to the same spot on Sunday and caught it first cast. I measured it at 23 3/4 inch. At the time I didn' t realize what a prize that was. and of course no camera to show it. I'll always remember that day not only for the fish but because of my job as I was on the clock as well.

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