The Good Dead That Wasn't

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Should read Good "DEED" not "DEAD" whoops...(hard to change thread titles)

I purchased a brand new fly box, filled it with about 12 brand new and a few more consistent performer self-tied SRC flies and donated it to my son's school for an auction fundraiser. Epoxy heads, reverse spiders, clousers, soft hackles, Kwai Chang Kanes. I never saw them at the auction.:confused: The crew handling the auction were never able to locate the box or the flies. They vanished.

I guess it is Karmic good news, the shop I got things from is happy regardless, as are the SRC. The Sonicare toothbrush (new, still in the box) we also donated fortunately made it, we bid it up a notch or two, and now someone out there hopefully has some nice shine to their teeth kind of like this lil' feller :D An entry-level jihad I wage is against British Teeth, my take-home message is to not complicate things. I have learned my lesson, I will donate tooth-cleaning supplies in a large well-marked box exclusively to school auctions from now on.


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I once donated a box of dry fly patterns to an auction my son's school was putting on. It took me several nights at the vise trying to get the feather wings and hair wings to sit upright with just the right amount of flare between them. I ended up with a dozen flies, 3 each of Adams, Grey Quill, Elk Hair Caddis, and Stimulator. I remember wondering if there would be any interest in them at all. I recall thinking, "if no one that fly fishes is there then these may be a waste"

I wasn't able to attend the auction, but my wife did. I asked her if she noticed how my flies were received. She told me there was a lot of interest in them and some guy ended up with them for $75. I was satisfied knowing that they didn't sit there until someone bid them at like $5 just out of the feeling of obligation.

Funny, until I wrote this, I never considered if $75 was a good amount to bring in for a dozen flies in an inexpensive foam fly box.
When I read the Title of the thread I thought we were all in for another good piece of prose. I'm glad I'm not the only one who misspells now and then. As a teacher I've seen that happen before. Sounds like someone on the committee called first dibbs. Hopefully, they paid a reasonable amount for the flies.