Winston Biix 11' 7wt Switch Rod


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Anyone have experience with the subject Winston switch rod? Any negatives? I'm thinking of picking up a used one.

Opinions welcome.



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No doubt about it the winston b2x is definetely sweet rod. What do you plan on doing with it? Swinging, nymphing, both? For a really nymph rig I prefer my z-axis 7wt switch because it has a little more backbone. The winston is more sensitive but you sacrifice a little power(in comparison). If the deal is good you won't be dissapointed. The Rio switch line is a great dual purpose line for either rod. Good Luck and make sure to get a big enough reel to balance the rod and hold alot of line.


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Hey, thanks for the feedback. I plan to do both (swinging, nymphing). My 9' aren't getting it done for me so I thought I would go to a "switch"to get the benefit of being able to spey cast and the longer rod length. I can get the Winston for$300. I looked at Sage but didn't find any sweet deals. I like your comment about sensitivity and would lean that way based on the comparison. I plan on using my Abel Super 9.
Just be aware that a second hand Winston has no warranty. The cost to repair the rod, in my client's case, was $250.

An 11', 7 wt. Switch is a great rod. I would look at other options.


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that's why I like Sage (own about ten of them). They've always honored non-warranty repairs for a reasonable fee. Customer service can't be beat.

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It was a very soft feeling rod to me when I first picked one up and started casting it, but it is very poweful once you get the feel for it.


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The BIIx 1107 was one of the very first production switch rods and line class rated as single hand. In spey speak it's more of a 5 or 6wt.

Great little rod, literally light as a feather, around 4 5/8 ounce.. one of the few switch rods that can be comfortable fishing single hand overhead more than a few minutes. Plenty of power in butt of the blank, enough to handle double diget fish as long as the water isn't real heavy.

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