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Has anyone out there ever put together an NRS frame system with 10' Maxon tubes? There's a frame they sell called the Sport Cat that with a few modifications could almost function like a Skookum. I've thought their aluminum tubes look too large for the smaller Maxxon tubes but maybe they would work...and be adjustable. They're just a little spendy.

Any thoughts?


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The tube dia is a little big, but if your building a custom frame with NRS components you could probably make it work. They make 54" crossbars which are about right for 10' (48" would work too). If your looking to buy an assembled cat frame though, the ones they sell will likely be too big. They do sell 68" drop side rails which would probably work with the 10' pontoons. Also, NRS charges a lot per ft. for their tubing. You can usually get it for half the price at a metal shop.

I just built a frame for my 12' Maxxon tubes with the same 1 5/8" tube that NRS uses, and it looks/works great. I mainly did this so I could use some of the NRS frame parts.

Ed Call

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I have a NRS Retro frame that is 54" wide (center to center) that gives me about 31" between my 14' Maxxon tubes. Great craft, love the narrow profile as compared to some wider boats. Exceeds my expectations every time out.
Thanks guys! That SOTAR frame looks nice. I need a larger bay in the back and a floor in the front so I'll keep researching. I talk with a guy tomorrow here in the Boise area and if we can't come up with something I may have to go NRS. 54" wide is good. I'll check that out.

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