Construction Of The Tying/gear Shed Has Started.

Mark Walker

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I couldn't find the original thread reference from some time in Feb. so I'll start this.
Anyone interested can follow the progress.
Suggestions welcomed.

1. A friend and I begin layout
2. Shooting the "el"
3. Shovel work
4. 12 90lb bags of concrete/6 piers with 4' bracket. (cost...$92)
5. Piers set!

1shed.jpg 1shed2.jpg 1shed3.jpg 1shed4.jpg 1shed5.jpg

Lumber ordered Monday after Easter most likely.


Topwater and tying.
Don't forget the fridge, microwave and porta-potty. Sometimes this might be your "doghouse". Oh, and tunes! 'Gotta have something to listen to. Plus laptop and wireless so you can check out those how-to videos on You-Tube.
This sounds just like fly fishing. Get something new and it's not the end, just the incentive to get something else new! (which can lead to the need for the "dog house")
Picked up the electrical permit from the city Monday ($30, good for 6 mo.) and the lumber/reflective wrap/30#felt ($803.44) excluding the siding and roofing. Decided to go with 26ga sheet metal for the roof in Forest Green. Stacked everything on the covered patio with Seattle cow pissin' on a flat rock rain forcasted for Tue/Wed.
Thursday, we got this done;
1shed6.jpg 1shed7.jpg 1shed8.jpg 1shed9.jpg

Clouds/thunder rolled in again in the afternoon so I bolted to HD for 2.5gal of 123 primer ($29). Got everything primered, dryed and covered with tarps. More rain for today...............
OK! Now get that roof on before the rains come.

What kind of construction site is this? I don't see any empty beer bottles laying around.
Luckily for me, my friend started AA recently or the beer would have cost more than the materials! Whiskey for me after all is done.
Would you believe I sucked the saw dust out of the grass with the shop vac?:D 1shed16.jpg

This ain't pretty, but works. Was the last thing we did!
That looks great. If I lived closer, I'd give you a hand while I'm off work for the next couple months. That is the kind of projects I like to take on also.