WTB Wtb: 7-piece Or 8-piece Pack Rod (light Trout Sizes)

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I'm looking for an ultraportable light trout rod, the shorter (packed length) the better. Ideally I'd stumble across a 3-weight that packs down into 8 pieces and is 8' 6" long, but a 7-piece and/or a 4- or 5-weight would also work, and I'd consider anything from 8' to 9' in length.

Anyone have one of the older Cabela's Stowaway 7 rods in a 3-weight or 4-weight that they're not using? How about an L.L. Bean Travel 8-piece rod (don't recall if they made/make them smaller than a 5-weight) or a March Brown? Any other brands that I'm missing?

Thanks in advance!


Ed Call

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Redington Classic Trouts come in 6 piece rods in both 3 and 5 weight. Very good bang for the buck if you are willing to go with 6pc rods.
Echo Trip rods come in 8pc, the 5wt is a nifty rod that is pretty fast action.
LL Bean makes some 8pc rods if you can find them.

I have a Redington CT 380-6, Echo Trip 590-8 and LL Bean 890-8, each can be stuffed in my pack and carried anywhere.
Thanks Ed, I had forgotten about the Echo rods. The CT series looks great, and a 16" or so packable length would probably still work for what I'm thinking.
i don’t know how small you need to go but i have a nice Damon Azure Mt 9” 5WT 5pc that breaks down to 25.5” in it’s aluminum tube... i never used it myself but my son had it out for a backpacking weekend & he thought it was great... I have a couple of their other rods & really like them ... they were a small rod maker out of Potsdam NY ... let me know if your interested
Thanks for the offer, I appreciate it! Really looking for something in the 7-8 piece range though, although 6-piece rods aren't entirely out of the question. The only reason why I'm not considering 5-piece rods is because a relatively larger number of manufacturers sell them, so they're a lot easier to come by on the used gear market.



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The new stowaway rods are a big improvement over the older ones. They are only 180 with a reel. The only bummer is that the warranty is only for a year. I think a 6 piece is about as many pieces as you'd want in terms of a breakdown.

My all time favorite pack rod is the Sage SP 3wt 5 piece that comes in a 8'6. (Thanks Kent Lufkin for the recommendation) It has a smooth action that is perfect for delicate dry fly presentations. Shoot - it's probably my favorite rod I own. It comes with two tips for that Ohhhh f*#(K wilderness moment.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I ended up picking up a couple of March Brown Hidden Water rods, a 390-7 and a 490-7, so I'm looking forward to trying them out.
Yeah, looks like a couple sellers got a hold of some new old stock and are getting rid of them on the auction site right now. For that price I really couldn't resist, as even if I find that these rods don't suit my casting style I can still sell them and get the money I put into them back.
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