WTB Cheaper Raft Trailer

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I went the cheap route the first time and it ended up being a pain in the ass the whole time...so it's a trade off. Unfortunatley, good used trailers are hard as hell to find. If you don't mind the trailer being 8' wide, sometimes there are good deals on used quad/snowmobile trailers...


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Holy shit. I got off work last nite and went fishing. Looked again in the morning, and a zillion replies. Thanks, guys. I'll respond to the info when I get a few minutes...


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look on CL for an old dead pickup... cut the box off at the cab and use the remaining frame as a tongue. two pieces of plywood on top... sleep underneath cheap,funtional, and severely WT. oh and it should accomodate a meth lab if you get the 8' box. only sport neoprene when rolling this rig. my .02

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Justin, very true. I unfortunately went with the standard winch he offers and am now wishing I had the beefy one.
I got stuck with that cheap ass winch and it didnt last me six months. Also If you buy one ask him to weld a plate in the to of the winch stand with holes in the corner and bolt the sob on instead of welding the winch to directly to the piec of tubing. It cost me a hundred bucks to replace that winch because of how he welds it on there.
So, I got a truck. Now I'm looking for a trailer for the raft that I'm about to buy. I don't want to spend a ton. The truck and boat kicked my ass already. I may go with the Harbor Freight trailer with the 12" wheels for now just to get out on the water. It's only $350, plus probably $100 worth of lumber to put a platform on it. When I can, I'd buy a nicer one and use the HF one as a utility trailer. But I figured I'd ask the WFF hive-brain if anyone has one they'd sell.

Thanks for looking.

I have a trailer for sale on the WFF Classified page as well as Craigslist. It's a great trailer with 3500 lb axle and 15' tires. Axle and hubs are new with new tab's. It just doesn't fit in my garage I'll make you WFF deal if it's what you need. PM me.
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