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Kent Lufkin

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Update: I was just on eBay looking at the optional ultra-fine rods and noticed that the model 204MF appears to refer to the set that comes with medium and fine rods (MF). Not sure about the others.


Rick Todd

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I just ordered the sharpener from Amazon (and I didn't even know I needed a new sharpener!) I really shouldn't spend so much time on this site-it gets expensive!:) Rick
If you are feeling like you have OCD about sharpening your knives, buy a Tormek and prove that you truly are obsessed. This is a great tool. Costs around $300. It is worth that price if you have other sharpening needs (wood working tools etc).
You can set the angle to whatever degree you choose. The guy in the video is grinding a 20 degree angle.
I too am OCD about the edge of a knife. I have an old lathe stone I got from the saw filer at one of the local lumber mills. Once you get used to them and figure out the angle to hold your knife they are great. I have tried several other systems (Lansky, ceramic rod, arkansas stones, etc.) and nothing puts an edge like my old lathe stone.
Kent, you've found the best manual sharpening device on the market IMO. As a carpenter and a hunter I've been sharpening cutting tools for quite awhile. Like you, I started with Arkansas stones in my early days but bought a Sharpmaker when they first came out. I really like that tool. Used it to sharpen just about every smooth (and serrated) edge I can find and over the years it has proved invaluable in the field, butchering game animals. A razor edge (with good steel) is easy to obtain with the white (fine) ceramics. It sounds like you're well versed in knife care and I've yet to find/hear of a better way to maintain kitchen knives. The Sharpmaker's design/function solves the angle problem and it's so easy and quick to touch up an edge. I've bought them for Christmas presents and most of my family owns/uses them. If a husband wanted to score some good points/kitchen passes he should get a Sharpmaker and keep the knives and scissors around the house sharp. Could be a good way to up your home cred.

Rick Todd

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After getting this sharpener and doing our kitchen knives, my wife is finding all sorts of stuff for me to sharpen-it really does work as advertized! Rick


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I worked for a few years for a kitchen retailer as a merchandise planner and one of the categories I managed was knives. What with samples and such, I came away from the job with a nice assortment of kitchen knives from Wusthoff, Goldhamster, Shun, Lamsonsharp, and a few others. Also ended up with the three wheel chef's choice machine. Not being a life-long knife guy, I've been very happy with the Chef's Choice for the ease and simplicity of it. The wheels are still going strong after almost 10 years, and I can always get any of my knives sharp enough to pass the arm-shaving test, or slice sheets of paper from any angle like it's not even there. That's good enough for me.

Probably what gets overlooked a lot, according to most of the manufacturer's reps that I interacted with, is the "recipe" of the steel in your knife, as well as the honing step versus the sharpening steps. What sharpening tools are right for your knife might depend on the steel in it. And most people buy a block of knives and never discover what that round handled wand-like thing is, or how it works. But of course without that magic last step you'll never have a truly sharp knife, and under normal daily use in a kitchen a knife rarely needs more than 6-8 passes over that steel on each side, ideally after every use, to keep it razor sharp.


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After getting this sharpener and doing our kitchen knives, my wife is finding all sorts of stuff for me to sharpen-it really does work as advertized! Rick
Winthrop is in dire need of a knife sharpening shop. This could be a great oppertunity for extra cash in retirement. Being able to drop ones dull knifes off at a dock on big twin and fish all day while you knifes are being sharpened would be a highlight to a days fishing!!!
Added to my Amazon cart :) I'm not OCD about sharpening knives and tend to the opposite....letting my blades get way too dull and then not having the skills or tools to properly sharpen them. I have meant to research and purchase a gadget for some time and your review made for an easy decision. Hopefully with a handy gadget sitting around I'll be better about keeping up my knives. Thanks! (and wandering this site does seem to rack up the purchases!)


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My Sharpmaker arrived last weekend. I just played with it for a few minutes, and now all the kitchen knives are razor sharp! Lotsa' fun and easy to use.