Fleye Foils


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I saw this on another board and thought others might be interested in this.
There has been a lot of posts lately about various UV cures and their applications.
Bob Popovic has these new Fleye Foils material coming out soon. The Surf Candies he tied with the foils look great.
I plan on tying up a some patterns using the foils when they are available for this summers beach action.


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater
I'm gearing up for July 1st. Here are my first attemps with the fleye foils and surf candies using UV cure.
Top fly is a medium bay anchovy, second is a small silverside and the bottom three are small sand eels. So far I really like the foils. The quick cure time with the UV light versus epoxy is a plus as well.
Thanks to Dimebrite for spotting me some foils until my order arrived.

Fleye Foils.jpg Surf Candies.jpg

Steve Rohrbach

Puget Sound Fly Fisher
Patrick's Fly Shop (WFF Sponsor) is the NW Distributor of Fly Foils. They should be in the store Monday. I am excited to tie with them. He also carries the Tuffleye system.


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I'm really enjoying tying with the foils.
I was messing around with them last night. I wanted the gill and eye to be a little more pronounced. I used a sharpie to add the gill and a 2.0 stick on eye.
I'm looking forward to the opener on Sunday.
Fleye Foil Sandlance.jpg


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Very nice tying Brian. I'm really curious to see how well these fish for the salmons. Have you tried a Fleye Foil on the 60 degree jig hook yet?


Jeff Dodd

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Great looking flies and cool product! Word travels slow on Whidbey I guess, I had not heard of these, but I plan to call Patrick's to order some tomorrow.

What version do you think best matches the sand lance in the North Sound? The "Silverside" fly you list in the first picture looks good, but I've not seen the profile in person.

I don't think you can go wrong, all these look fishy


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I've tied a few on the jig hooks, but mostly just regular surf candies on them. Here is a pic of one on a jig hook and a couple of surf candies. I used the medium sand eel on this one. They are kind of hard to take pictures of due to the reflection.

I think the sand eel works best to imitate a sand lance. I don't think I'd order any of the large, but stick with the medium and small sizes. You can also cut them down to fit the size hook you are using.

flies 362.jpg flies 355.jpg


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I've been using Loon UV cure. I've also used Clear Cure Goo. Since I tie mainly at night, I don't get a chance to do a final cure in the sun. There is a bit of tackiness to them. You can wipe them with alcohol or just put a coat of Sally Hansen's on them.
Last time I left some flies out during the day to cure, something took some of them. Must have been a crow or seagull, LOL.
Thanks Brian. I will pick one of those two up. I saw a youtube video today with Clear Cure Goo and they said it fully cured in 5 seconds witht he UV flashlight. Myth?

That's hilarious about a bird robbing your flies! I bet that was an unpleasant snack!