Outcast Pac 9000

Seriously considering the 9000 for my first still water boat and wondered if any one has any experience with the boat. Positive/negative comments equally welcomed.
Also would like to know if a 45# thrust electric motor will be enough or should it be a 55#. Either way, it will be a saltwater model for a few salt ponds with the balance being fresh water.



John or "LC"
I have three motors, a 17#, 28#, and a 55#. I don't see a big difference between the 28 and 55. There is a difference of course, but it not like the difference between say a 2 HP Honda and a 5 HP. You are pushing/pulling a fairly inefficient hull for the motor anyway as we all are with inflatables and I'm sure the 45# would be adequate.

If you are buying new, I would highly recommend the variable speed and the Maximizer feature. The variable speed is very handy for holding the craft steady against a light wind or current, and the Maximizer will extend your battery use dramatically. I don't think there's a big difference in price given the same features between the 45 and 55 so I'd definitely opt for the largest 12V motor--the 55#.


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If you are looking for a used one I have a red one with a motor mount

Looks brand new , one of 2 many standard aluminum oars not sure where the bags

After talking with the folks at Outcast, it appears that there isn't enough room for the Lab, battery and other stuff.
Thanks for the offer.

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