NFR When The Coyotes Move To Seattle


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No, I thought he was talking about the Peanuts creator; who's the other guy?

Starbucks CEO. He is the guy that bought the Sonics and said it was a childhood dream of his to own them. Then sold them to the guy from Oklahoma and claimed he didn’t think the cat was actually going to move the team to Oklahoma City. Basically a lying ass sleeze ball, just what Seattle needs and deserves. I am sure he would be up to owning an NHL franchise. He could screw Seattle again.


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Seattle = Better hockey town that Phoenix
can't disagree with that at all. but phoenix was never going to last, and i think seattle would be excited about it for a while, especially if we remain without an nba franchise, but i think there are very good reasons the nhl has never come here. if the gretzky/la thing couldn't lead to a team here, nothing will. as it is, the gretzky effect in the southern states is wearing off now as the younger generations that grew up thinking of him as an old timer begin to represent more of the market. the only teams that are still truly thriving from the gretzky effect are the california teams, and the kings were already solid before he came. everywhere else the southern teams survive by virtue if GIGANTIC markets, not passionate ones. that's why phoenix won't work, why atlanta didn't (twice), and why nashville will eventually fold up. florida would be gone already if they weren't in such a giant market.


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The line for season tickets starts behind me. There are plenty of shit teams in the NHL that could do well in the right environment- let's give it to them.
Being that I'm from just across the border in beautiful BC, I would love to see a NHL team in Seattle. Besides having another team to cheer for, I could actually afford to watch a few games in Seattle as the prices up here to watch the Canucks are insane. Part of the reason why it isn't working well for Phoenix is the location of the arena. Instead of locating it in Downtown Phoenix, the arena is located in the distant Suburb of Glendale. You really need the corporate community to support the team so locating it in or close to downtown is critical.

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Florida, Tennessee, Arizona; that's Nascar country, not hockey country. I could never understand why they tried that even with all the retired New Yorkers in Fla! I miss Esposito, Orr, Gretzky and the likes of those guys before the Russians invaded. Old Time Hockey, right coach??


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Disagree with all those that think that a team wouldn't work here. Look at Denver in the 90's, absolutely zero hockey base there and a basketball town. Denver is almost 1,000,000 people smaller than Seattle and they currently support 2 healthy D1 NCAA hockey programs (if you count Colo Springs), an NHL team and an NBA team. The key is getting the youth hockey base growing and that will drive interest in the city. 15 years ago you couldn't find a college hockey player from the state of Colorado, now half of the Colorado College and Denver University teams are from CO. Just think of the good rivalries a Seattle team could have with Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton. Obviously, I'd support this to the extent of season tickets but the fan base here does seem a bit weak.


I believe it is a no brainer. Seattle is 12th largest TV market and when the Mariners Root TV contract runs out in 2 years the Sonics, Mariners and Metropolitans form their own network. See Nesn as the model. The network is owned by the Celtics, Bruins and Red Sox giving them all tremendous revenue source.

The NHL is realigning next season and Phoenix moving to Seattle would leave 8 teams in the West. Natural rivalary with Vancouver would be huge. Giving the Vancouver fans a road trip by car of about 2 hours is good for both cities. Alot of people are talking about Quebec City but rumor has it the NHL would rather relocate a team to Seattle but go the expansion route and give a new team to Quebec City.

The NHL has a relationship with Don Levin the current owner of the Chicago Wolves in the AHL. He has been rumored as the owner of a Seattle franchise as he is next in line to own an NHL franchise. He is a longtime hockey guy and has lots of money.

Chris Hanson announced thursday he had aquired all the property required for the new building. It sounds like he is moving forward while the MAloof brothers are trying to back out of their obligations in Sacramento. This could actually happen. The Coyotes and Kings could be the Mets and Sonics by fall. The Sonics would play in the Key for a couple of years while the Mets would be playing Everett for two seasons. I listened to an interview with Elliott Friedman of Hockey Night in Canada where he told Brock & Salk of ESPN(seattle) the NHL is impressed with the new rink in Everett and thought it would work while they wait for the new building.

As far as David Stern, Clay Bennett and Howard Schultz I just don't care to look backwards and let the past ruin the future. I choose memories like the ones Shawn Kemp stamped into my brain. In case you forgot.
The NHL would do just fine in bird town. They got screwed by the NBA (Stern), but a hockey team would bump up $ for sure. What else are folks going to watch...

Now, if they could only get Nascar to Moses hole...
Metropolitans, you have to go with Cup tradition, that is just too rich to not take advantage of. I too wonder if we fans can support 5 pro sports, that is a lot of season tickets to sell, but hockey is way bigger than most realize here in Seattle.
would love a hockey team here. being from Detroit, I miss having hockey on during the winter. I used to get the NHL package to watch the Wings but having the majority of the games starting at 4:30PST made it tough to catch them. I would definitely get a season ticket package for the NHL here.